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Welcome to Ginger Bean Bakery!

Thank you for visiting the Ginger Bean Bakery - where we offer custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cinnamon rolls to order.  Our bakery is located within Bucks Crossing Convenience Store, in Medora, Illinois.



A perfectly sized sweet treat



   ~Cookie Cakes~

To satisfy the cookie lover of all ages

~ Cookies ~

Our signature chocolate chip along with many many more



 Moist and delicious enough to please both sight and taste



~Cupcake Cakes~

A fun & delicious combination of cakes & cupcakes


~Cinnamon Rolls~

Rich & flavorful, smothered with creamy glaze

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We look forward to baking for you!


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10904 Highway 111 Medora IL 62063

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Phone or Text - 618-535-2732